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¡¡Fuzhou is an advantageous place where cultivates many outstanding talents. From ancient times, it has enjoyed good reputation as ¡°Home to Talents and Cultural City¡±. At the beginning of Tang Dynasty, poet Wangbo has praised Linchuan¡¯s illumination in his ¡°Preface of Tengwang Pavilion¡±. ¡°The Linchuan Culture¡±, having been formed for thousands years, is one of two pillars in Jiangxi culture history. From Song Dynasty, Fuzhou had sprout up many outstanding celebrities and talents. Recording by the ¡°Jiangxi Dao Zhi¡± of Guangxu, there were 5442 talents who are successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations in feudal China in Jiangxi including 1412 people from Fuzhou which accounted for 26%; there were the same kind of talents of 1787 in Qing Dynasties including 555 people from Fuzhou which accounted for 31%. Fuzhou had cultivated Wang Anshi, who was called ¡°The Chinese Revolutionist of the 11st Century¡±, Zeng Gong, who was one of 8 poets in Tang & Song Dynasties, Yan Shu and Yan Jidao who were famous poets in Song Dynasty, Lu Xiangshan, who was well-known philosopher in Southern Song Dynasty, Dramatist Tang Xianzu who has enjoyed good reputation as ¡°Oriental Shakespeare¡± in Ming Dynasty. And in Modern Times, Fuzhou cultivated Physicist Rao Yutai, literaturist You GuoEn and Xiao Difei and calligrapher Shu Tong and other great celebrities.

¡¡¡¡Education of Fuzhou is very flourishing. People respect education and teachers. When the People¡¯s Republic of China sets up, Fuzhou people brightened ¡°Linchuan Culture¡± and developed education to make progress and cultivated many excellent talents. There are 8 Academicians, more than 1,000 Professors and 800 Doctors in Fuzhou. They are all over the world. From restarting College Entrance Examination to now, we cultivated more than 170,000 students for Chinese universities & colleges and 224 teenager college students.

¡¡¡¡The elementary education of Fuzhou is solid and it is famous for its education in China.

¡¡¡¡The educational quality of Fuzhou always occupies the front row in the whole province. From1999 to 2007, Fuzhou is the winner of the Comprehensive Estimation for College Entrance Examination Achievement in Jiangxi Province. Linchuan Education Corp. (No. 1 Middle School of Fuzhou City, No. 1 Middle School of Linchuan and No. 2 Middle School of Linchuan) are excellent Key Middle Schools of Jiangxi province. There are great number of outstanding students from more than 20 provinces (cities) such as Beijing, Shanghai , Guangdong , Xizang and there are more than 1,000 teachers and over 20,000 students.

¡¡¡¡In Fuzhou City, there are 2210 schools in various levels, namely, 2 Colleges, 1 Adult College, 1 High Vocational Technology Institute, 1 Secondary Technical School, 11 Adult Secondary Technical School, 2048 common Primary and Middle Schools, 141 Kindergartens, 5 Special Education School. There are 702,000 students and 34,000 teachers in the whole city. At the end of 2003, Fuzhou City has already made nine-year compulsory education universal.

¡¡¡¡With the elementary education development, the vocational and technical educations also have been developed rapidly.

¡¡¡¡There are 1 High Vocational School, 5 Secondary Technical Schools, 2 skill Schools and 23 Vocational High Schools. There are 1 state-class Key Vocational High School (Nanfeng Vocational Secondary School), 2 province-level Key Vocational High School (Linchuan Modern Education School and Lichuan Vocational Technical Secondary School) and 1 province-level Model Vocational High School (Chongren Vocational Education Centre). In 2004£¬the Vocational High Schools enrolled 6947 new students which accounts for 19% in two kinds of common vocational schools. In the key Vocational High School, there are 1200 teachers, about ten thousand acres and 20 school enterprises. They open many majors such as Computer Applications, Clothing Designing, Electronic Technology, Finance and Accounting, Art Education, Industrial Art, Tour service and Mould-making, and so on. The graduates¡¯ employments have a big market in costal advanced areas.

¡¡¡¡The Privately-run Schools are sprouting up and develop as rapidly as Basic education and Vocational education.

¡¡¡¡Now in Fuzhou, there are 486 Privately-run Schools, namely, 16 Secondary High Schools, 9 Vocational High Schools, 1 Middle School, 5 Primary Schools, 2 Short-term Training Schools and 433 Kindergartens. The amount of investment fund reached 260 million, and they occupy 14373.6 acres of land, and the dormitories in school cover 302004 square meters. To September in 2004, there were 2289 teachers and workers 33476 students in Privately-run school. With the development of economic globalization, the Education of Fuzhou will develop rapidly in nation and the world and get more exchange and cooperation. The logistic service of Linchuan Education Corp. is socialized. The vocational and technical education and the teacher training are extensive potential market which prospect is very bright. You are welcome to exchange and cooperate with us.

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